360° Panoramapicture is created from many stillpictures which are combined into one whole large picture. Panoramapictures give the opportunity for specific and versatile presentations. A panoramapicture can be of a livingroom, bedroom and kitchen as well as from the garden or the yard. It can also include a video, stillpicture or even the floor plan of a building.

180° panoramapicture is a half of the real 360° picture and it works for example with places cramped for space such as sauna, warehouse or toilet.

360 Panoramic


The prices start with 210 € (1 x 360° panoramapicture, 4 x stillpicture, 1 x administration for a year)

360° Panoramapicture: 70 € each

180° Panoramapicture: 50 € each

Stillpicture: 30 € each

Administration: 30 € a year